Date: Wednesday 30th August
Time: 9.30am - 4.00pm
Venue: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Cost: $199 Members, $249 Non-members (inc GST)
CPD Points: 80 points 
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Don’t get left behind – see how tech can give you the edge over competitors in your market.  

The future of real estate

A conference to help you understand the frontiers of technology and how you can start adapting right now to succeed in this evolving digital landscape.


  • The Future of Disruption | Future Crunch
  • Culture of Innovation & Facebook for Real Estate | Facebook
  • Implementing a Digital Strategy | Saurav Kataria and John Cowen, Strategy and Customer Innovation Leader
  • Google’s Micro-Moments | Tara Christianson, International Speaker
  • The Future of Real Estate | CoreLogic
  • Virtual PA and Facebook Workplace | Enablo
  • Learn from the experts and get a preview of the profession’s future.
  • Agent of the future | Raging Digital
  • Plus more!

Meet REAL TECH 2017 MC's and Keynote Speakers!​


 Dr Angus Hervey, Political Economist
 Tane Hunter, Big Data Scientist   

Future Crunch

Technology used to be thought of as a sector on its own, or a business function to be outsourced. Now, technology is a strategic layer across all aspects of organisation.

Global connectivity, digital technologies, artificial intelligence, intuitive computing, robotics, renewable energy, additive manufacturing, gene editing and brain machine interfacing. Taken together, they're like a roaring tornado creating once in a hundred year revolutions in every industry at once.

Future Crunch are a dynamic duo who are part of a global movement of scientists, artists, technologists and entrepreneurs changing the way we do business and exploring opportunities in the technological and digital landscape.

Future Crunch will help you understand what's over the horizon in the technological and digital landscape and how you can harness these opportunities to further your business.

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